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Reflector Big Five Personality

Find the best match between personality and competencies for each role

Your employees are properly successful if their personality matches the competencies required for their role. When this occurs, energy is translated into optimal performance and development. PiCompany’s Reflector Big Five Personality links the personality of a (future) employee to specific competencies that they require for their role. With Reflector Big Five Personality you will find the right person for each and every role. This contributes to the success of your organization.


  • Linking personality to the relevant competencies for a role.
  • Complete overview of the scores for the “Big Five” personality characteristics and the 24 underlying facets.
  • Nuanced and comprehensive picture of the desired personality for a specific role.
  • Insight into your employees’ continued development potential.
  • The basis for various combination reports.
  • A well-validated measurement of the internationally-known and researched “Big Five” personality factors, from the perspective of the work environment.
  • Available in 27 languages. Ask about the possibilities.


  • Match
The best match between personality and competencies for each role.

This report measures

  • Gedrag


  • Competency and performance management
  • Effective selection
  • Talent management
For whom and when

Who can, on account of their personality, develop the competencies that are important for a particular role? What effect do the personality characteristics of an employee have on their behavior at work? And how does the personality of an employee contribute to the team’s performance?

With Reflector Big Five Personality, you can rest assured that the employee’s personality characteristics match the competencies required for their role. You will also gain an insight into their continued development potential. This is important for the selection procedure, as well as for gaining an insight into the development opportunities for your employees.

You can also use Reflector Big Five Personality to put together teams in which employees make use of each other’s strengths and support each other’s weaknesses.

Working method

The Reflector Big Five Personality is a modern online personality questionnaire that maps out personality characteristics and the development opportunities for competencies. The test measures the five most important personality characteristics and 24 underlying aspects.

You select the competencies that your employee requires to successfully fulfill the role. With the insights provided by the Reflector Big Five Personality, you and the employee can together make reasoned decisions about their personal development and career. Are you looking to focus, in particular, on the competencies that your employee has mastered or could easily develop further?

Combination report

For a broader and deeper study of the ability to develop competencies, combine the Reflector Big Five Personality with a 360 degree feedback measurement. Or with the Career Scan. This scan encompasses a personality and feedback measurement as well as a measurement of a person’s career values and questions about their work history.

If you select the additional Performance Improvement Plan report, you will receive a recommendation on the ability to develop competencies based on the personality and feedback measurement for each competency.

Results and report

After the tests have been completed, you immediately receive a short, interactive report with easily-interpretable explanatory infographics.
This consists of two parts:

1. The personality report provides an oversight of the scores for the five most important personality factors in work situations:

  • (In)stability—emotional reactions to setbacks;
  • Extraversion—actively maintaining contact with others;
  • Openness—being open to new experiences and new ideas;
  • Accommodation—putting the interests of others ahead of one’s own;
  • Conscientiousness—organized and goal-oriented behavior.

2. In the competencies report, you receive advice about the degree to which an employee has the potential (or lack thereof) to easily develop the selected competencies. An additional participant report for the Reflector Big Five Personality for the employee can also be created.

Support and certification

PiCompany supports you setting up the user-friendly Self Service Portal (SSP). With this portal, you can manage questionnaires for participants 24/7. Participants can fill in the tests and questionnaires online, anytime and wherever they want.  
We will provide a digital manual for the SSP. If you have any further questions, please contact our service desk: 
E: servicedesk@picompany.nl  
T: 0031 (0)88 44 87 050.  


Certification training 
Certification is required for the interpretation and feedback of the Talent Match Agility results. PiCompany provides this certification training. Certification authorizes you to interpret the test results and to discuss the report with the participant. This way, you can then manage the test entirely in your own system. 


Read more about our certification training sessions 

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